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Kafakumba Training Center, Zambia

We thank you for your business, it allows us to do two things we love, provide life experiences for our clients and give back to those in need. Each year we donate a percentage of our revenue to support the Kafakumba Training Center Preschool in Zambia, Africa. We are passionate about this organization, and invite you to meet the children shown below.

Equipping the people of Africa with an understanding of the principles of the Kingdom of God in order to transform lives: Community…Servanthood…Focus on the least…Trusteeship…Nonviolence…Love…Unity


In 2014 we have started a preschool as an extension of the God’s Kids ministry here at Kafakumba Training Center. We have 10 at-risk children who come from mostly single-parent homes.

Kafakumba Playground

CKIM provides monthly financial support on behalf of its clients.

  • This is Ruth. She has been coming to the preschool for 2 years and was a bit shy but she has definitely come out of her shell. She loves to be silly and most of all jump on the trampoline! Neither of her parent’s work. Her family struggles to get enough money to put food on the table. They will sometimes farm, but land is expensive.
  • This is Jason. I have known him since he was 2 years old, so we have always been very close. He is one of the sweetest kids i have ever met. He is always the first to raise his hands to answer question. His English is the best in the class, but he also has this very goofy side that he loves to show off too. He is all together a great kid. His mom and dad are divorced so he goes to his dads house on the weekends and moms during the week. His mom is a pastor who is struggling to find a job and his dad is currently unemployed.
  • This is Lilian. She is a ray of sunshine to say the least. She is very quiet but whenever she smiles at you it lights up your whole day. She tries very hard in class to understand but sometimes she has struggles though. Her mom casually works but Lilian lives with her aunt. The dad is out of the picture because of his abusive relationship with the mom.
  • This is Ephram. He is also another one who always loves to burst out the answer to my questions, and if the answer isn’t correct he always tries again. He loves to run around and swing. He used to be terrified of white people but now he sees me and runs at me with open arms. His dad is the main painter for the center, and his mom does not work.
  • This is Rhoida. She has the most beautiful green eyes. Her giggle could cheer you up on your hardest day. She loves to play tag and absolutely adores being tickled. Her mom is alive but has nothing to do with her. The dad left the mom right after she was born. So now the grandma takes care of her and she is getting very old and soon she will be unable to work.
  • This is Matilda. She just joined the preschool this past year and she is trying so hard to catch up with her friends. I do not think i have ever seen her without a smile on her face. She is behind because she is new but she tries very hard. Her mom works with the aloe in the center and her dad works for another local missionary here.
  • This is Amos. He is pretty indescribable. He is the naughtiest little boy, but at the same time he has a heart of gold. We think he might have a learning disability due to his lack of focus. He gives the best hugs on earth and smiles at the drop of a hat. His parents are not divorced but they separate often due to conflict. Neither of the parents work so it is a struggle to get enough money for food.
  • This is Corina. She is not part of the preschool yet because she is only 3 years old but she attended this week every day because her grandmother is one of the teachers. Corina’s mom was in 9th grade when she had her and is in 10th grade now because she got held back. Now the grandmother has to look after and support her daughter and granddaughter. She is barely making ends meet with her teaching salary, trying to pay for her daughter’s school fees and food.
  • This is John he is also new. He is the tallest of the bunch. He is very shy but he is just beginning to come out of his shell. He loves to give hugs and play with blocks the most. He is an orphan and lives with his grandma. But his grandma is too old to work so there is no income for the family, hence a cousin is helping out.
  • This is Bright. He has a very colorful personality. Very naughty and goofy. He is so kind though. He was actually sick in this picture and he was a trooper for smiling. His mom doesn’t work and his dad is not involved in his life.